Gus The Brave Heart Inditarod


Our Gus came to us at Christmas 2014. His arrival changed a lot. Joy already showed us that malamutes like to cuddle. But what came with this little man to us, was incredibly adorable. We cannot get enough of his friendly, curious, and temperamental way of being. On the recommendation of our human malamute friends, we went to the first exhibition with him. Yes, and when you are successful, you want to repeat the same over and over again. Everyone who saw Gus starting in a race knows what we mean when saying „This boy is a real racer“. He runs with enthusiasm to total exhaustion. So it was Gus, who prompted us to form our show and race team. In everyday life, he is like a friend, he follows us everywhere and then sits down beside us. We love him.

Results in the show ring


- German Champion VDH


-German Youth Champion VDH


- German Youth Champion DCNH


- German Winner 2016


- 3 x Best of Breed (2x Germany, -1 x Czech Republic)


- 2 x Best of Opposite Sex


- 3 x Qualification Title International CACIB


- 2 x Qualification Title National CAC


- 1 x Qualification Title National Res.CAC




Successes to sled dog races

- 1st place International Sled Dog Race, Seiffen 2018, Category C2

- 2nd place Sled Dog Race, Wörlitz 2018, Category C2

- 3. place Sled Dog Race, Pullman City 2018, Category C2

- 1st place International Sled Dog Race, Spremberg 2017, Category C2

- 1st place International Sled Dog Race, Spremberg 2016, Category C2

- 2nd place International Sled Dog Race, Clausthal-Zellerfeld 2017, Category D2

- 3rd place Rece of the German championships, Ströhen 2016, Category DS 2


Father from Gus:              MULTI BIS JBIS BPIS BBIS C.I.B. DARK SHADOW Inditarod

Mother :                            JWW Internat. CH Shawnee Belle Inditarod